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SRP527W VPN Tunnel Routing Question


I have a Cisco SRP527 that I've setup on an offsite warehouse's ADSL connection and thats working fine.

I   have also setup and VPN link to a Head Office (which is running a  Palo  Alto Firewall) and that is also connected and working fine as I'm able  to RDP to machines from both locations without any issues

I do however have 2 things I need to finalize on the setup:-

The local LAN of the Cisco is configured on a 10.90.25.x subnet with the router being

1.   I cant seem to get into the router from the Head Office location. I am   able to ping the PC attached to it and the PC can get back into the   Terminal Servers/SQL instances fine.

I presume there is some setting that would allow me access to it from different subnet.

2.   The actual PC's at this warehouse don't need nor do I want them to  have  any access. I more or less want them to route all traffic back  through  to the Head Office firewall and let it determine what it has  access to.

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SRP527W VPN Tunnel Routing Question

Just an update,

I am able to ping any device that connects to the 10.90.25.x subnet, from the Head Office subnet.

However I'm still not able to ping the actual router or log into its web GUI from anything outside its local network. I can however access the units web GUI using its public IP address..

As to the routing problem, setting the defult route to point to say the core switch at the Head Office ( wouldn't work would it?

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SRP527W VPN Tunnel Routing Question

Well I'm fresh out of ideas. I thought about setting the VPN subnet to a configuration, however the router doesn't allow that type of configuration.

Any one have anything??

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