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SRW2008P management without Windows

I am trying to configure a SRW2008P but seem to be stuck. Despite marketing saying telnet/ssh/console management, the only management tool provided for e.g. enabling SNMP, RADIUS authentication or even configuring VLANS is the web GUI. And this GUI is the worst javascript and CSS bug collection I've ever seen. None of the browsers I've tried (iceweasel, iceape, opera, konqueror) are able to parse it to any useful degree.

The Google common sense seem to be "Internet Explorer" only. Like

However, this is not acceptable for me. I do not use Windows, and am therefore not able to run Internet Explorer. What am I supposed to do?

Thanks for any hints.


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Re: SRW2008P management without Windows

Nobody else does, so I'll answer myself :-)

I've researched the problem a bit more and come up with a couple of solutions. The root cause is not so much that the code is written for Internet Explorer, but that it is incredibly buggy and is working in IE by nothing but shear luck.

It turns out that modifying just two static JavaScript files is sufficient to make most of the functionality available in Firefox, Opera and Konqueror. I've put up a summary of the necessary changes on if anyone is interested in the details.


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