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SRW208: IGMP Snooping not working!

Hi all,

at the moment we have some trouble with the following SRW208 setup:

- Port mirroring is enabled (Port 8 mirrors Port 1) for sniffing via Wireshark in promiscuous mode.

- "IGMP Snooping" is enabled

Our test scenario:

- an IPTV settop-box is connected to port 1 and it gets all traffic from a VDSL router connected to port 2.

- one wireshark PC sniffs at mirror port 8 (all traffic) in promiscuous mode

- one wireshark PC sniffs at port 3 (all traffic) in promiscuous mode

With IGMP snooping enabled only the wireshark PC at (mirroring) port 8 should be able to sniff the mcast traffic between the settop-box and the VDSL router.

The problem is that wireshark at port 3 can sniff all mcast traffic, too. In addition the LED of all ports are blinking synchronously/continuously.

It seems that the IGMP snooping does not to work properly and all port are still flooded with the mcast traffic.

Is this a known problem of the srw208?

Cheers, Fred

Update: With an old Zyxel switch the setup works w/o problems.

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