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Stack Licensing question


I recently replaced switch 2 in a two switch stack with an RMA switch. Switch 1 is the master and the stack is licensed for IP services.  After getting everything connected and up and running, I've realized that switch 2 (the switch I replaced) is running ipbase.

Do I need to install a new license file onto switch 2?

How do I do that now that it's in the stack and not directly configurable?  Do I have to destack it, install the file and re add it to the stack?

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Stack Licensing question

Services are dictated by the current Master. You don't need to remove it from the stack, simply apply the license pak.

You can verify the stack information with the show switch detail command.

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Stack Licensing question

Thanks for the response Edison.

So after I've copied the lic file into flash2: (switch 2 in the stack) ......

From the master switch I can do:

#license install flash2: switch 2

Is that the correct syntax? I can't find any documentation anywhere that shows the syntax for a 3750-X to install a license file to a non-master switch in a stack.

Thanks so much.

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Stack Licensing question

This command did not work. The IOS does not recognize the "switch 2" at the end of this command.

#license install flash2: switch 2

if I just do

#license install flash2:

from the master switch, will that command install the license to switch 2 of the stack since that's where the file is sitting. Meaning, it's in the flash of switch 2 so  it will know to install to switch 2 and not try to install the license to itself.

The switch is remote. I can't afford to risk messing up the licensing on switch 1 since if I lose ip services funtionality on Switch 1, I'll loose routing to the whole site.

Thanks again for the help.


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