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STACK mode vs HSRP - Catalyst 2960X



Short question.


I have below topology with hardware on board: WS-C2960X-24TD-L   15.0(2)EX4            C2960X-UNIVERSALK9-M


What solution will be the best STACK  or HSRP ?


At the moment issue is that, when one 3rd router will go down, there is no HA between 2960X, Im loosing connection.

Below interfaces from 2960X are going to 3rd router WAN connection.

#sh run int gi 1/0/9
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 66 bytes
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9
 switchport access vlan 210

#sh run int gi 2/0/10
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 67 bytes
interface GigabitEthernet2/0/10
 switchport access vlan 210



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You must configure HSRP

You must configure HSRP between two router, so if one router go down, you have the second router ok

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I find several things in the

I find several things in the original post to be confusing. First and most important the question seems to imply that this is an either/or question: is it better to use stack or to use HSRP. But these are very different technologies and they provide solutions for different problems.


I also find this statement of the problem to be confusing "when one 3rd router will go down, there is no HA between 2960X, Im loosing connection". The drawing shows two routers as third party routers but provides no other information. Are they managed by the same third party? Are they there to provide redundancy? Or does each router provide a unique service? If we knew more about that part of the environment then we might be able to provide better suggestions.


But based on what little bit that we know I would suggest that the answer to the original question is that it probably is best to do both stack and HSRP.





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Hello Richard, 3rd party

Hello Richard,


3rd party routers are managed by them, i dont have access, i cant manage it.

On mentioned routers there are no any clustering mode, redundacy such as HSRP between only two routers.

One router is from ISP1 and second one is from ISP2 so they are totally different companies who provided to me internet connection, and thats all. I must secure my infrastructure from if one 2960X will fail.


What do you think Richard, I suppose to implement HSRP and disconfigure  stack mode ?

or both ?

If both can i do this on c2960x-universalk9-mz.150-2.EX4.bin

I checked Feature Navigator.

Please take a look into attachment.



Is the feature set ok ?

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Thank you for the additional

Thank you for the additional information. It answers some questions and raises some other questions.


Probably most important thing is that the routers are from different ISPs and run independently. That establishes that HSRP between the routers is not an option. It does raise the question that if the routers are from different ISPs then they probably have different IP addresses and subnets. So why are both routers on the same VLAN on the switch? Being in the same VLAN usually implies being in the same subnet. But it seems unlikely that both routers are really in the same subnet if they are from different ISP. Perhaps you can clarify this?


HSRP is not an option on these switches. HSRP is a layer 3 redundancy protocol and these switches are layer 2 switches as far as I know. And I do not see anything in the description of the problem that suggests that the switch feature set is an issue.


Here is the statement of the problem from the origial post.

when one 3rd router will go down, there is no HA between 2960X, Im loosing connection.

If one 3rd party router goes down then there will be no connectivity through it and there is not anything that your switch can do about that. If the routers are from different ISP then compensating for failure of one router is a question of routing. And it is not clear what you are doing about routing in this situation. Probably we need more information about how your routing is set up.







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