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stack upgrade

need some assistance with upgrading 2 Cisco catalyst 3750 stacks at 2 remote sites.

I have attempted to do the upgrade but it does not get copied from the master switch to the members.

Hence, the stack is broken and access is lost remotely. This is only restored when the affected master

is downgraded physically. Because of the distance and time frames involved, it is difficult to do this locally

with physical access. I am using a *.bin file and the command "boot system switch all flash:/c3750−

advipservicesk9−mz.122−25.SEE1/c3750−advipservicesk9−mz.122−25.SEE1.bin" does not work because the "all"

is not supported qualifier does not on the switches. They are currently running c3750-i9mz-122-20.se4.bin.

Will the *.tar files be better to use ?


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Re: stack upgrade

You copy the file to the switch from a TFTP server and extract the files. You can download an image file and replace the current image, or you can keep the current image.

Please click the following URL:

Re: stack upgrade

Hi ,

Suppose you have 3 switches in stack with number as 1,2,3.As 1 being master.

1.Identify Master Switch and it's flash.The name of master switch flash would be "flash:"

2.Copy the .bin file to master switch from TFTP.

3.Copy the same .bin file from Master switch's flash to the member's switch's flash.

4.Depend on the number of member in stack go on copying .bin file from Master to the member.


switch#copy flash:xyz.bin {flash1:[flash2:][flash3:]}

Make sure that .bin file is copied to each switch's flash

5.Now set the boot variable as for master

switch(config)#boot system flash:xyz.bin

6.Set boot variable as for member 1

switch(config)#boot system switch 1 flash:/xyz.bin

7.Set boot variable for member 2

switch(config)#boot system swicth 2 flash:/xyz.bin

8.Reload thh stack

Hope this would be Helpful

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Re: stack upgrade


Thank you for your message. I am able to copy the new *.bin to the flash on the stack members. However, the "boot system switch x" command is unrecognised. Is there a way around this.

Also, I do not have enough space on one of my stack members to copy the new *.bin file. This is because there is a file called "lslss" and it is fairly large.

I will not be able to do the upgrade unless this file is deleted.


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Re: stack upgrade


This was very helpful. I was unable to use the boot system switch command but it is was fine.



Re: stack upgrade


Using .tar format IOS image is very easy to upgrade the IOS on 3750 stack. You just need one command: archive download-sw


This command will reboot the stack and also set the boot image to the new one. Of course TFTP server is required...

Please rate me if I helped.



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