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Starting SSH session from console port issue

Here's an interesting issue I've run into:

I console into switch 1 (or router, it doesn't matter) and everything is fine.  From that session I SSH to switch 2 (or router).  The session on the second device has a noticable delay when I type.

Next I SSH to switch 1, then SSH to switch 2 from that session.  Everything works fine.

Finally, I console to switch 1, and telnet to switch 2.  There is no delay.

So it appears the delay only occurs when I open an SSH session while consoled into a device.  It didn't matter what switch 1 and switch 2 were - I had 3560Gs, 4900Ms and a 3845 router.  There's no special configuration on the console or vty ports - when I do a "show line console" and "show line vty 0" the output is basically the same.

Has anyone seen this before?  I don't think it's an impactful problem, since it appears to be console port related rather than related to forwarding packets, but I'd like to make sure and just find the problem curious.

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Re: Starting SSH session from console port issue

have you increased the baud rate on the console port? Default is 9600 which is pretty slow.

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Re: Starting SSH session from console port issue

  Think thats normal, we see that type of behavior too when using ssh across multiple switches , probably has to do with encrypting and decrypting conversations across multiple ssh connections unlike telnet where this does not take place. It is not just from the console port either , you will see it if you ssh to one switch then ssh from that switch into another .  Each successive conversation will get a little slower so I avoid sshing from one box to multiple other boxes .

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