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Static ARP/NLB Issue


     I have a 3560 (sits external of the firewall) that connects to HP Virtual Connect via two trunks (all carrying the proper VLANs).  Within Virtual Connect, I have my VMware UAG systems.  I have static ARP entries on the 3560 that points all of the UAG (and remote applications) IP addressing to one MAC to the trunks. 

    Now, every few months I have an issue take place where the NLB starts acting up.  I have to increment the virtual MAC one more character (ie 03bf.ce9b.eb85 to 03bf.ce9b.eb86) and change the static ARP entries to match.  Has anyone else experienced an issue where they had the exact same scenario?  I am just looking for a way to keep from having to go through this "incrementing" configuration every few months.  Any advice would be extremely helpful.

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