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New Member

Static DHCP Client drops connection

OK guys, i am not sure if this is something with my DHCP setup or not, but it certainly seems to be the culprit.  I am running a 3560G and using it as DHCP and to do VLAN routing (eigrp protocol).  I have 10 pools configured with a few static addresses per pool.  Now to get down to the problem.  I have a computer (and this problem seems to be a gremlin as it changes what computer is affected quite often) that will connect, get its IP, immediatly disconnect, then send out a DHCP req again.  The computer has a static assignment in the pool, and for the brief second that it connects, it gets the right address.  If i move the comptuer to another vlan, all works right.  If i delete the static entry it will get an address in the right vlan no problem.  The command i have been using to add static entries is:

address client-id 01xx.xxxx.xxxx.xx

That seems to have been working on all my static routes execpt for a bank of computers in vlan3.  I have went as far as to delete the pool and recreate it, heck i even recreated the vlan and i am still having issues.   Below are some snippits of the running config for review.

The DHCP Pool for the affected lan:

ip dhcp pool Dev3


   bootfile boot\x86\





   address client-id 0100.23ae.936b.01

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c546.aa

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c557.17

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c546.f0

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c544.82

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c615.10

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c618.64

   address hardware-address 0040.9d44.ebe7

   address hardware-address 0040.9d44.ebcf

   address client-id 01bc.305b.c542.0b

   address client-id 0100.23ae.9372.f1

Port for affected computer:

switchport access vlan 3

switchport mode access

switchport port-security

switchport port-security violation protect

switchport port-security mac-address sticky

switchport port-security mac-address sticky 0023.ae93.72f1

spanning-tree portfast

New Member

Static DHCP Client drops connection


have you done any debug dhcp ?


New Member

Static DHCP Client drops connection

Sorry for the delay with these logs.  I have done DHCP Debug on and these are the only logs i am getting that are DHCP relevant when i do show log

*Mar 21 10:24:49.961: DHCP process ID FFFFFFFF status 0

*Mar 21 10:24:49.961: DHCP Network Discovery is disabled

*Mar 21 10:24:49.961: DHCP NetDiscovery Informs 0 Discovers 0 Period 0

*Mar 21 10:24:49.961: DHCPC HA status is Active

*Mar 21 10:24:49.961: Checkpointing is Not active

I have a computer this morning that has lost is its lease and is not obtaining a new IP.  If i change the vlan it works fine.

VIP Purple

Static DHCP Client drops connection

HI Rory,

how about the network patch cable from the PC to the wall jack? Does that fix anything? If not, try replacing the cable

from the patch panel to the switch? Work now? If not, check the logs on your switch to see if that port is transmitting or receiving errors. Or perhaps try another switch port or a different port on a same or different switch.

the client is UNIX OR WINDOWS:::?


Rate if it helps.

New Member

Static DHCP Client drops connection

Well i thought that too when the problem first arose, but it is happening across 4 or 5 switches and with different machines on seemingly random VLANs.  I tried moving this computer to a different switch but keeping the vlan and it exhibits the same behavior.