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static routing


I working on a scenario,which is as follows:

There will be 3 l3 swithes; PE1 PE2 and CE.

PE1and PE2 are from service provider.

All switches are connected via /29subnet

Say subnet will be

PE1 having svi 200  with ip add

PE2 having svi 200  with ip add

CE having svi 200  with ip add

On CE swicth there will be 2 routes for subnt via as primary and as secondary with higher ad say 50

All switches are connected via gig ethernate uplink.

Incase of failuer of switch PE1 there will be failover of routes for CE switch?

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Re: static routing

Depends on the failure.

If PE1 fails upstream - in other words, networks attached to it - packets from CE will still be sent to PE1.

The only time CE will send packets to PE2 is when PE1 local interface isn't reachable.

If you use static routing, you may want to use some tracking feature to detect indirect failures.


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static routing

Thank you,

Can you able to share me suporting documents for your second line statement.

That will be great help.

That ws the old scenario and we have migrated to 2 /30 subnets, we have not tried any ip sla tracking as we want to keep setup simple.

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Re: static routing

hey im no expert but any isp managed switches will already be setup with hsrp or some alike so all you need is for them to get you the vip otherwise with ip sla in place you can easily do this

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