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New Member

STP message in log

I have a 6509 and I keep getting this message,

Jan 30 12:08:04.199 UTC: STP CFG: found port cfg GigabitEthernet1/2 (512C02A0)

I have tried to find any help on this issue and have had no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: STP message in log


These messages you are seeing are normally logged when an STP debug has been enabled. It

is not harmful though. Make sure that you dont have any debugs enable for spanning-tree exceptions enables.

Please try using " undebug all".

-amit singh

New Member

Re: STP message in log


thanks for the info. we do have debugging turned on. (spanning tree event, config and general). another person was working an issue and turned it on per Cisco.

what does the actual message mean. I see it for all the ports on the switch at the same time. have ports gone up and down or what?

any info would be appreciated.

bjw Silver

Re: STP message in log

I'm with you on this, where can one find descriptions of STP Debug messages? I too di the top-down google and Cisco univercd seaches and came up with nothing.

I there a master debug ouutput message index? Not just for spannin tree but for all of it?

Re: STP message in log

I don't think debugs are officially supported. I agree that some of them should be documented, but some others have absolutely no use for the user community. This particular STP message is a very good example of the second category. It is basically telling you that the STP process is reading into the port configuration, which is really useless if you are not a developer working on the STP code.

Some other (like debug span event) are really useful for customers and should be better documented.



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