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Strange boot behaviour with WS-SUP32-GE-3B

This CAT6506E (CORESWITCH2)switch has been booting and running OK for a few months. In the past week there were TWO power failures. On the first power failure this CAT6506E came up automatically after power came up without having to do any manual intervention. On the second power failure this CAT6506E sat at ROMMON> and required us to type boot command to boot this CAT6506E.

This made me to check the bootvar after booting the system and "show boot" said:


config-register 0x2102

Then I checked the config and it showed:

boot system flash sup-bootdisk:

So it all looked good. So I typed reload again to see if would boot automatically and the switch again went and sat at ROMMON. I typed set command at ROMMON and found the bootvariable as follows:


config-register 0x2102

Then I typed boot to boot the switch again.

This time I modified the config to say:

boot system flash sup-bootdisk:s323 (specifying the exact file name)

Did a "copy run start" and checked by doing show boot again.

Did another reload and the same problem again. It sat at ROMMON.

Is it possible the bootstrap code is corrupted and is unable to therefore boot the IOS.

This is CORESWITCH2. I have CORESWITCH1 next to it and it is setup exactly the same way with regard to boot variables a and that works fine with regard to automatically booting without someone having to type the boot command. I wonder if I have a faulty WS-SUP32-GE-3B module in CORESWITCH2.


Re: Strange boot behaviour with WS-SUP32-GE-3B

Are you sitting at the RP rommon prompt or the supervisor rommon prompt . Maybe you can post the boot up sequence here . Both should be at 0x2102 if one is not this can cause it to go to rommon. This doc might help.

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Re: Strange boot behaviour with WS-SUP32-GE-3B

When I did a show bootvar the config register showed 0x2102 and I thought that is enough.

I forgot the other half of the SUP32 board, which is switch processor.

So when I did a remote command switch show bootvar it showed config-register as 0x2100 and that was my problem.


config t

config-register 0x2102


write mem

reload and the switch came up fine without going into ROMMON.

Turned it OFF and ON and it came up fine too.

Thanks for the pointer Glen.

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