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Strange Bug on 3560G 12.2(35)


I came accross a little problem and wondered if anyone else had also found this...

When installing a 3560G using the auto configure option (so the switch obtains a IP address and hostname from the DHCP server and then downloads the config from a tftp server)

(For reference, the doco is here

We found that the switch would boot up and straight away start CDP and at this point it does not have a hostname so the CDP advertisements are sending a hostname of switch. Once the IP address and hostname have been obtained via DHCP, the CDP advertisements do not change to the correct hostname, in fact it still shows switch. The only way to get the CDP advertisements correct is to save the config to NVRAM and reboot the switch.

Doing this, when the switch reboots, it would turn off the ports untill it has read all the config (thus stopping the wrong CDP advertisements going out any interface)

If anyone has come accross this before or has a fix, please let me know. Otherwise we think it to be a bug on the 3560G

The 3560G is running 12.2 (35)



Re: Strange Bug on 3560G 12.2(35)

Couple of questions:

1. Does the IP address you advertise via CDP change after auto-configuration?

2. If you change the hostname manually after the autoconfiguration is done, does it change the hostname advertised via CDP?

If so, this is a bug. I did a quick search but didn't find one. You may want to open a TAC case so we can file one.

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