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Strange Issue

Hello Experts,

We are in process of configuring the syslog settings on Cisco routers so that syslog server receive the logs. The branch router is connected with HO router by MPLS.

HO Router

Branch Router

We have another switch placed at HO ( which is a gateway of syslog server ( The HO switch has the default routing pointing to HO firewall ( and other remote sites static routes pointed towards to The branch and HO machines can ping each other w/o problem. But when we do the ping from branch router ( to syslog server ( or HO Switch ( then it doesn't ping even the HO Router ( is getting ping.

This is completely strange issue for us and not able to solve this issue. If it could be routing issue then branch machines won't able to ping neither syslog server nor HO switch.

Can somebody please help on this.



  Does the HO router have a

  Does the HO router have a static pointing back to the  192.168.37.X  subnet    ?   Other wise please the pertinent configs from both sides.

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Thanks Glent for your

Thanks Glent for your response. The issue is now solved. Actually, when i use this command ping source then I found ping is working and for syslog logs, I added the following command with other config:

logging source-interface fastEthernet 0/1

After adding the above command, I started getting the syslogs from the internal IP of remote router. Earlier, it was sending the logs by taking serial interface (MPLS) as a source.


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