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Strange Problems Trunking between Cisco 1760 with 4ESW and Linksys SRW224G4

Hi guys,

actually i need some help while implementing vlans. let me explain what exactly our goal is, and after that what is going wrong.

We are using an UC500 for telephony, and we got a 7921g mobile phone. the uc has a built in wifi module, which is actually enough for our own office (about 20 - 30 meters around the uc). since a few days my boss wants to use the mobile phone within the whole building, which is a good idea i think.

There is also a linksys srw2024 switch and and cisco 1760 (for internet, routing). within our own network, there are no problem in using or etablishing vlans.

I can ping from the FA0/0.100 on the 1760 cisco, to the BVI100 Interface on the UC, so that works very well. but as i already said, my boss wants to use the mobile over the whole building without buying some new cisco aps. BUT we are responsible for a second company in this building, and there we have 2 aps from cisco that we could use.

chaning the config of the aps was very easy. just add subinterfaces to the fa and dot11, and dot1q encapsulation.Everything looks like working fine (within our testlab)

now i wanted to set the srw224g4 switch (which belongs to the other company) up with a trunk port to our cisco 1760 which has a 4ESW Switch included. setting up the trunk on the switch works also fine, but every time i tried to setting up the trunk on the 4esw, the internetconnection of the other company goes down (they are using a cisco 876 which we are not allowed to manage because of the isp)

so on this point, i have no idea what to do. a single vlan is no problem (native vlan 1, or vlan 100 or some else). the next problem is, we have only ONE cat6 patchcabel we can use!

sorry for my bad english ;)

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