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Strange Telnet behaviour


We have been facing a problem with one of our remote sites for a couple of days now. Some users at the remote site were complaining of slow application response. My colleague and my self (we are at the main site) were checking the 3 switches there when I found out that a telent session to one particular switch was not smooth, rather choppy

I asked my colleague to telnet to the switch in question and his session was flawless, although I was facing the same choppy session the same time while he was having no issues. I asked him to disconnect, to see if my session improved but no result. To make things more interesting we asked some users to ping a server at our main site, some of them had no issues, while other got 3/4 or 2/4 responses.

I was wondering what problem these symptoms indicate, I suspect physical link problems, but it feels strange how my colleague who is connected to the same switch I am connected to has no issues?

All help is appreciated.

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Re: Strange Telnet behaviour

Any help?

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Re: Strange Telnet behaviour

have you done a traceroute from your partners machine as well as your own? Do they take the same route? Do you share a common default gateway? I think you are going to have a hard time getting a solution on the forums because the problem is still pretty vague.


Re: Strange Telnet behaviour

I would say depending on where you are originating your sessions you have some possibly dirty links somewhere . Your collegue may be on the same switch but not the same vlan and depending on how stp is working he may be taking a different path . If you are on the same switch and vlan then i'm not sure. Dropped packets will usually mean physical layer problems.

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