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Strange Telnet Issue

I have Cisco 2960-48TT-L Switch ,having a strange problem that i cannot telnet it ,

1-I Am able to get access from console port

2- I can able to access it via Web Browser by giving it IP

3- I am able to access it from Cisco Network Assistant

4- Able to get ping reply

5-But not able to telnet it from my laptop ,or any pc in my my network .

When i telnet its ip command propmt window gone blank continusoly with no errors .I cant understand this issue all i can telnet other switches from same laptop/clients.

Screen shot is attached with ,Please give solution

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Re: Strange Telnet Issue

Hey Jey,

Can you post your config, it will help us out to track the issue.



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Re: Strange Telnet Issue

Hi Jey,

As suggested by Kardik, if you post the config we can have a look at what the problem might be.

In the meantime, check the configuration under #line vty 0 15. Make sure that #transport input telnet or #transport input all is configured. In addition, what out for access lists that might be blocking your connection.

If that is all in order, run Wireshark on your machine and filter for all traffic to the switch "ip.address==x.x.x.x". Check to make sure that the three-way handshake is happening? If not, then find out why but if it is, try using a different Telnet client.



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Re: Strange Telnet Issue

Hi Jey,

  I think you might have not conigured Line vty configuration



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Re: Strange Telnet Issue

Thanks 2 All

Issued resolved by removing switch config.I think

exec-timeout 0 0


session-timeout 5

is creating problem so i try with no exec-timeout 0 0

But it arrive again ,So i delete switch config now reconfig IP all is working ok

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