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stumped please help - slow network

Hi all, I have been having probs with my network for 2 weeks now, we are getting ping times to all access switches at about 30ms, there are numerous vlans setup on our network, it only seems to be vlan 1 thats affected. this is what the users and most things are in, including the management ip of most of the switches. It seems that if I ping the access switches with the management address in vlan 1 its very slow as in 30 ms, but all the switches in the new management vlan are fine.also all I can ping all client pc's fine on vlan 1 with 1 ms delay. we rebooted both our core distribution switches,there is no cpu activity, also I have done a capture of the network but there is nothing, but it still slow, can anyone please help with urgency




Re: stumped please help - slow network

30 ms is not abnormally slow . Ping is low on the priority poll of any network device and not a good guage of network response . You need to ping thru the device to devices that are hung off that switch to get a good indication of what user response is , don't go by what the response is against a switch management interface . If it was 300 or 400 ms then that would require further analysis .

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Re: stumped please help - slow network

Carl, you mentioned that you have many vlan's.

Are all the vlan interfaces defined on the same

switch ?


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Re: stumped please help - slow network

Hi I have different vlans setup on each of the switches, it only seems to be vlan 1 which is the problem, I have done a ping sweep for the clients they are all 1 to 2 ms, but when I do it to the switches on that vlan it is terrible, but if I do a ping sweep to the switches I put on the new vlan they are ok ?

has anyone had this or can help ?

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