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subinterface in module nme-16es-1g

Can I do sub-interfaces 802.1Q in module NME-16ES-1G ?, It's installed in a router 2821, and if I can..., how I can configure?



Re: subinterface in module nme-16es-1g

Hi Juan,

Yes you can do so in etherswitch modules.

Have done this long time back. Here's an outline of tasks.

You can session in to the NM-16-ES module, by using the session command.

syntax: service-module interface slot/port session

The ether switch module will have its own vlan database.

Hence You need to first add the vlans that you wish to this vlan database using the vlan database, configuration command.

Once you have added the vlans to the database, you can create the vlan interface and assign ip address to it.

Then you can assign the switch ports in the etherswitch modules to the appropriate vlans.

Hope this helps


New Member

Re: subinterface in module nme-16es-1g

Thank you so much. I configure the vlan's in the module with your recommendations. But when I configure the ip address in the vlan and I try to go to the internet with an station, we can`t. Is like the router don't routing the ip address of the sub-interface in the module... I've a switch 2950 in trunk mode to receive the vlans of the module, and next we've a station plug in an untagged port with an ip address in the same range of the ip address of the vlan in the module, but I can`t make the nexus between the sub-interfaces 802.1q and the interface GigabitEthernet1/0 of the router 2821. I know if I put the same network in a vlan of the module and the Gi1/0 of the router and next the switch 2950 with trunk 802.1q, it works, but no with the others vlans in "sub-interface mode"...

Thans a lot four your help, and excuse for my english, is not my language.

Re: subinterface in module nme-16es-1g

Hi Juan,

Hope you have followed the steps outlined.

Here's the URL on how to configure the Etherswitch module.

Also refer to this URL which provides more information and some sample command ouputs.

Kindly post the config of the router and that of the NMS-16ES module, that you have tried in your step to investigate it further.

Ensure that you have ip routing enabled in the NM-16-Es module.

You should have a default route in the NM-16ES module pointing to a valid next hop address ( which is configured in the router)

Also you should have a static route in the router for the vlan subnets configured in the NM-16-ES module, pointing to the ip address of vlan 1 interface of the ESW.

Hope this helps


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