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Subnet translation problem

I have two internet connections here, one is a T1 line connected to a Cisco 2800 series, the other is a DSL line connected to a Cisco 506-E which is used for a webserver and VPN traffic.

When I attempt to translate port 80 to the webserver on the internal network via the PDM, it says that it 'recommends I use X.X.X.0 instead of the full IP for the outside interface on the PIX.

The network is as follows:

IP Range:

IP Subnet:

2800 Series IP:


PIX VPN Pool IP Range:

PIX VPN Pool Subnet:

All the machines are configured to use the 2800 series as the main gateway.

The webserver is using the DSL line on a separate interface (it also uses another interface for network traffic because it hosts files).

I need to forward port 80 as well as a few others to the webserver, but leave its settings untouched.

If we could work a way out how to do this then that would be awesome thank you.

-Mike Jankowski


Re: Subnet translation problem

think there is no problem in IP subnetting. It is looking fine. But first make sure you clean up the sensitive information like Public IP Addresses.

But also I think, if the problem is with a single channel group, you have a potential interface problem and the problem is with the T1 line, or with all channel groups, you have a potential controller problem.

For more information please click following URL:

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