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Suggestion Required

Dear All

I have attached network diagram and task list  kindly check and suggest what best could be done to solve this problem.  Make sure Core Switch is layer 3 Switch not Router and Layer 2 switches are manageable switches. If there is any confusion feel free to ask me.

Task 1:-

PC1 can ping PC2

Task 2:-

PC1 can Ping PC4

Task 3:-

PC1 can Ping PC5 and PC6

Task 4:-

PC1 can ping Server 1,2 and 3

Task 5:-

PC6 can ping Server 1,2 and 3


Suggestion Required

What problem do you have, I don't see your question anywhere.

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Re: Suggestion Required

I think the thread owner would like someone to make his school assignment. 

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Re: Suggestion Required

There are task listed that need to be completed. I haven't gone through configuration when I post this threat. All I need is suggestions that this scenario is possible or not, I have no idea what you do in school because when I am in school apple and Black berry are just fruits

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Re: Suggestion Required

Every task that is listed can be made if you configure the core-switch properly.

Let us know where you are struck so that we could help you out.


Re: Suggestion Required

This is easy, just stick all in the same VLAN and put an SVI on your L2 switch, this way everything can ping anything!! 


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Re: Suggestion Required

thank you all for the suggestion Finally I am able to complete my school assignment . well I think I am not able to elobrate my problem very well. Basically one of customercomplain about slow network and ping drops. I investigate and check that everything is default in their Network not even host name is configured. having 40 switches and 20 servers you can imagine whats going on in the network so this is the solution I suggested (Check Network diagram for details). Now I have configured proposed solution on Packet tracer and everything worked perfect. Thanks alot for your inputs and appologies for any inconvenience

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