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SUP2 - "MEM-S2-512MB" not recognized


When recently installed a "MEM-S2-512MB" in our SUP2 in the 6500 and it does not recognize it. Still says there is 128 MB. Followed the directions to install the chip and it's in there now, but still shows 128 MB. Please advise.


Re: SUP2 - "MEM-S2-512MB" not recognized

1) Did you place the 512MB on the same slot as the older 128MB was or is this on a different DIMM slot?

2) Are you sure that the DIMMs are placed properly?

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Re: SUP2 - "MEM-S2-512MB" not recognized

Yup, we swapped the old one out, and they are seated.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Re: SUP2 - "MEM-S2-512MB" not recognized

Can you try the following?

1) Put the RAM on other DIMM slot and power it on. (Hope you didnt pull the SUP when it chassis was "ON")

2) Swap the RAM again to the original one.

Re: SUP2 - "MEM-S2-512MB" not recognized

Could you please talk to the cisco vendor from whom you bought this RAM if there are any issues.

You need to open a TAC case.

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