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SUP32 runniong IOS

I am going to be setting up a number of 6500's with Sup32's running IOS 12.2.18-SXF7 release code. Has anyone out there installed a number of these and had any issues? They will be edge devices and wont be running any major services.

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Re: SUP32 runniong IOS

I've worked with about 15 of the 6500 series switches. I cant speak for that specific rev of code but overall they are your normal Cisco Switch just allot bigger. I was wondering though why you chose to go with the 6500? The 6500 series is primarily designed as Service Chassis or high throughput chassis when using the Sup720 and any Service modules such as the FWSM. The 4500 series on the other hand is designed as a very solid non Service core or very impressive L2/L3 Edge device with no service modules to speak of. I clearly don't know your config or your needs but based on your initial post 4500's could have saved you some cash.

Good luck.

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