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Sup720 Config-sync

I am looking to replace the active supervisor (S720-10G) on our 6509E running in SSO mode. The new module already has the same IOs version as the standby supervisor.

Once I have swapped the module how do I know that the config has sync'd correctly other than checking the logs? Is it a case of looking at the "Redundancy Mode (Operational)" state and ensuring is says SSO?

Also, is there a command than will force a config-sync if it is running in a mode other than SSO?



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Sup720 Config-sync

Hi John,

This below CCO Captured link would help you.

SRM/SSO—When the switch is powered on, SRM with SSO runs between the two Supervisor Engines. The Supervisor Engine that boots first becomes the active Supervisor Engine. The MSFC and PFC become fully operational. The configuration of the redundant Supervisor Engine and MSFC is exactly the same as the active Supervisor Engine and MSFC. Processes, such as routing protocols, are created on both the active MSFC and the redundant MSFC. The redundant Supervisor Engine is fully initialized and configured, which shortens the switchover time. The active Supervisor Engine checks the image version of the redundant Supervisor Engine when the redundant Supervisor Engine comes online. If the image on the redundant Supervisor Engine does not match the image on the active Supervisor Engine, RPR mode is used. If the active Supervisor Engine or MSFC fails, the redundant Supervisor Engine and MSFC become active. SRM with SSO supports a switchover time of 0 to 3 seconds for Layer 2 unicast traffic.

Note: SRM with SSO is supported only on Supervisor Engine 720 and Supervisor Engine 32

If you switch is configured with redundancy mode

"SSO" that is hot standby. Also the boot variable and the config-register is

properly configured. This configuration should work fine.



show redundancy



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