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SUP720 MajFail - Major Error - PINNACLE

I have attached in the word document the relevant parts of a SHOW TECH.

The customer says that there is no impact to user traffic in spite of the MajFail and Major Error on the SUP720 and the customer has no standby SUP in this chassis and hence he ois worried about these errors.

He says that LMS seems to be complaining but really no impact to user traffic through this CAT6509-E.

What are the attached PINNACLE errors saying. SUP720 only has H/W interfaces 5/1 and 5/2 and they are both shutdown.

But pinacle is reporting about 5/1 and 5/4. Are these some S/W ports and not the real H/W 5/1 and 5/2 interfaces.

How can I resolve this problem without replacing the SUP720 module.

Can we do any clear commands to get rid of this problem or run some extended diagnostics to see if this is just a transient error or solid error.

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Re: SUP720 MajFail - Major Error - PINNACLE

Hello Alphonse,

the PINNACLE are chips that are present also on some linecards.

I think the PINNACLE chips manage access to the original shared bus (20Gbps).

Now, being this supervisor a sup720 with a built-in 720Gbps switching fabric, all C7xx modules with CFC can connect to it.

The only linecard that uses the shared bus is the 6148 in slot7.

So effects can be expected on this slot.

you can try to reload the system during a maintanance window to see if the POST passes so you can determine if it was a transient.

if the errors are persistent I would consider the Sup720 replacement.

Hope to help


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Re: SUP720 MajFail - Major Error - PINNACLE

Thanks Giuseppe.

Sent following info to customer:


Action Plan:


Plan a maintenance window of about 15 minutes ( we can send a CE to site if you want to do this )

Router(config)# diagnostic bootup level complete


Write memory

Reseat the module in slot 5 of the chassis.

The reload will take a longer time to boot because we are running extended diagnostics on all modules now.

Then do

show diagnostic result module all detail

If we still see the same failure then we need to replace the SUP 720 module. This will need a maintenance window of between 1 and 2 hours because we will never know if the new SUP720 will come with CatOS of IOS. You are running IOS.

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