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supervisor 6-e on cat4510R-E

Can somebody explain with more accuracy what mean all the output of bood -d command in rmonitor?. It is very confusing, more exactly the part "boot tftp://

- boots file "/tftpboot/ios" from tftp server through the management interface (also called

"fa1 interface") using tftp file transfer protocol.

But, if BOOTLDR variable is set, Rom Monitor will

first boot the program file specified by it.

BOOTLDR will then load file "/tftpboot/ios" from

tftp server "

I still dont and where can I setup the BOOTLDR variable and all the boot behavior...



Re: supervisor 6-e on cat4510R-E

To specify the location of the boot image that ROM uses for booting, use the boot bootldr global configuration command.

In the following example, the internal Flash memory contains the boot image:

boot bootldr bootflash:

The following example specifies that the Flash memory card inserted in slot 0 contains the boot image:

boot bootldr slot0:

When you use this global configuration command, you affect only the running configuration. You must save the environment variable setting to your startup configuration to place the information under ROM monitor control and to have the environment variable function as expected. Use the copy system:running-config nvram:startup-config command to save the environment variable from your running configuration to your startup configuration.

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