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Switch Backup Config to TFTP Server

Using native IOS on Catalyst 45xx switches, is there a way to perform an automatic backup of the configuration to a TFTP server every 24 hrs? Right now, it is done manually with the write net command to our TFTP server ( When I go into global config, the command archive is not available. I also checked to see if the IOS could be upgraded, but most of the 45xx only goes to 12.2. Thanks in advance.


Re: Switch Backup Config to TFTP Server

I am not sure if you have the archive feature on your device, but you may want to check:


path tftp://$h-$t

maximum 14

time-period 60


With this config, the device will write a new file to TFTP with the name HOSTNAME-DATE-X where HOSTNAME is the hostname of the device, DATE is the current date/time, and X is a number from 0 to 14. Config archives will be taken periodically every hour, or whenever a write mem is executed.

Re: Switch Backup Config to TFTP Server

Ok, if archive doesnt work, how about a kron job?

kron occurrence backupp in 1 recurring

policy-list backup


kron policy-list backup

cli show startup | redirect tftp://

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