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Switch Bridge MIBS FdbTable

Hi All,

I try to findout the number of devices which are connected to a switch using SNMP query. As per my understanding, the dot1dTpFdbTable of Bridge MIB have the details of the devices which are reachable through the particular port ( MacAddress --> Port relationship). It means that the devices which are connected to the switch with the particular port.

If a desktop/server is connected to a port of the switch, the dot1dTpFdbTable contains the port --> macaddress of the device i.e only one entry.

     For example,  Swicth A is connected to a Swicth B with port as 10.    In this case,  Swicth B's dot1dTpFdbTable contains all the devices which are present in the switch A.

   port 10 -->  macaddress1 (devices which are connected to switchA)

   port 10  --> macaddress2

   port 10  --> macaddress3

   port 10  --> macaddress4

   port 10  --> macaddress5

   port 10  --> macaddress6

  I have another doubt, if Swicth C is connected to Switch A.  Whether SwicthB dot1dTpFdbTable which will contains all the device's mac address which are connected to switch C ?

What will happen if swicth is connected by a hub or unmanaged switch?



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