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Switch Error at bootup

We just got a new switch out of the box and at bootup it gives the ff errors:

cisco WS-C2960-24TC-L (PowerPC405) processor (revision E0) with 61440K/4088K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID FOC1127U2ZY

Last reset from power-on

The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.

64K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory.

Base ethernet MAC Address : 00:1C:B1:CA:CB:80

Motherboard assembly number : 73-9832-07

Power supply part number : 341-0097-02

Motherboard serial number : FOC112724FZ

Power supply serial number : DCA112581ZW

Model revision number : E0

Motherboard revision number : A0

Model number : WS-C2960-24TC-L

System serial number : FOC1127U2ZY

Top Assembly Part Number : 800-26671-03

Top Assembly Revision Number : A0

Version ID : V03

CLEI Code Number : COM3K00BRB

Hardware Board Revision Number : 0x01

!!! WARNING: The switch is not usable !!!

Unable to create l2trace server process, socket_open() failed

Press RETURN to get started!

00:00:32: %SPANTREE-5-EXTENDED_SYSID: Extended SysId enabled for type vlanCannot Get the number of ports in MAC notification

00:00:33: %SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file operation error: call = ifs_read_until (header) / file = / code = 21 (Is a directory) / bytes transfered = -1

-Traceback= 7B1DF0 157F08 153FB0 A6A798 A60D60

00:00:34: %SYS-5-RESTART: System restarted --

Cisco IOS Software, C2960 Software (C2960-LANBASE-M), Version 12.2(25)SEE3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

Copyright (c) 1986-2007 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Thu 22-Feb-07 13:57 by myl

00:00:34: Unable to open UDP socket on CMP_PORT

What could actually be wrong because with a sh run command none of the interfaces appear.



Re: Switch Error at bootup


Since the switch is new, ask your supplier or Cisco to replace it and don't accept RMA because its faulty out from the box - also, don't spend time troubleshooting it, and when your supplier arrived trying to troubleshoot it, don't accept it, demand for a new switch.

I think some people from where the device comes from may be using it in a lab. I ordered two 3845 routers last year, both package are the same (newly packed) but when I boot up the routers, one of them already have a configuration.



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