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Switch Migration 4006 to 3750 Stacks


I'm not that familiar with CatOS and am currently migrating 4006 blade ports to a big stack of 3750s. I want to make sure that I get every line of config for each port on the 4006 so I can transpose it to the 3750 ports. It seems like the CatOS is all over the place as IOS gives me everything in "sh run". So far I've run sh port, sh running-config and sh port status to try and piece together each port config on the 4006 and still feel like I'm getting nothing. Are there a list of commands specifically that will give me everything I need because sh running-config and the others aren't. I want it all in one place, if not, some expertise on the CatOS would be most appreciated.



Re: Switch Migration 4006 to 3750 Stacks

"show running-config all " should give you eveything.. but it is best to get the info in sections to know what is active, that's CATOS.

for port connections specs I would suggest to do "show port" copy and paste the info in notepad and do the inventory of connections type on the 4006 and plan accordingly the connections on the 3750.

These commands will show active ports on channels or trunk ports.

" show port channel "

" show trunk "

" show vtp domain " vtp mode on switch.

" show vlan " active vlans and port assig.ts



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Re: Switch Migration 4006 to 3750 Stacks

Thank you so much Jorge!

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