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Switch Port

The thing is that some servers here have 2 network adapters (they call RIB Adapter) involving only 1 IP Address connected in 2 cables and 2 ports of the swiches. It is very hard to identify which port those cables are connected on the switch. Anyone knows how to do it and make sure the right port ?


Re: Switch Port


I think the best way is to find out the MAC address of the NIC. This can be either from the arp table or from the server. Then you just check the mac address table of the switch and will able to find the port where it is connected actually.

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Re: Switch Port

Thank you Krisztian for answered. But the problem is that there is only 1 IP Address and MAC, I'm able to find de MAC-Address and can find one port, but there is another cable because there are 2 network adpater on the server connecting in two different port on the switch, but with only 1 IP Address.

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Re: Switch Port

It appears that you're looking at the arp table (sh arp), wherein the results provides you which mac address is bound to which IP address.

You should be looking at the mac-address-table on the switch (sh mac-address-table). This shows you which mac addresses are learned from which switchport.

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