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Switch recommendation anyone...

Hello everyone,

I'm putting together a data center and was wondering if anyone could recommend a 24 port gig switch that would house my servers and have an uplink back to the core via Fiber or copper. We have several racks and we're looking to install a switch in each rack.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you



Re: Switch recommendation anyone...


The 3560G would be a good fit for your server racks. If you need 10GB uplinks to your core a 3560E would be better suited. Please see the datasheet for the particular models





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Re: Switch recommendation anyone...


Another option to Mark's would be the 4900 series switch which are wirespeed and are specifically positioned as data centre server switches -


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Re: Switch recommendation anyone...

Perhaps a Catalyst 2960G-24TC-L.

However, depending on other requirements or how else you might provide the solution, other devices might be more suitable.

Questions such as:

L2 or L3 switch?

What features do you need?

How much performance should the switch provide for the gig connected servers?

How much uplink bandwidth (and distance)?

Are you're racks in rows where it might be possible to have multiple cabinets servers connect to a switch cabinet or whether you might "stack" switches across the top of cabinets?

What will be the core devices?

Might 10 gig be needed now or in the near future?

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Re: Switch recommendation anyone...

Hi Matt,

There are alot of models to choose from based on your requirements. For starters, 2960, 3560/3560-E, 3750/3750-E, 4500 are all candidates.

I am a big supporter for a switch per rack in order to minimize copper runs. If this is all what you need, then yes, a WS-C2960-24TC-L (24-port) or a WS-C2960-48TC-L would be your choice based on requirement (Layer 2 switch, 10/100BaseTx, 2 dual personality 10/100/1000BaseTx or 1Gig SFP). By the way, an all-gig copper interface is also available via the WS-C2960G series.

If you want to have a Layer 2 only 48-port with stacking capability, it'll have to be the new WS-C2975-48 switch.

The 3560 and 3750 series family of switches are mostly well-known for being a Layer 2/3 switch. The 3560-E/3750-E series are capable of supporting 10Gig fiber.

The 3750 switch is also well known for it's SmartStack. It's a Cisco feature (like the 2975) that you can manage a stack (maximum of 9) switches by configuring only one switch. It's a, excuse my term, "poor man's" 6500 switch.

Hope this helps your choice.

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