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switch selection

We are moving to a new building. and I guess we need some new switches for the users that are about 350. I am in dilemma about chosing the right switchs comparing quality and price. the dilemma is abot 3750 and 4500. what would be your opinion.

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Re: switch selection

You don't actually tell us much about the new building - what sort of layout is the bulding? What srt of size are the floors? What are the users going to be doing?

350 users mean you will want them in multiple VLANs rather than a single flat VLAN.

Will you be doing VoIP? Is the building an isolated building, or part of a larger network? If part of a larger network there is a lot to be said for doing the same as you have elsewhere (providing elsewhere is OK!), or is this the first phase and what you do here will set the standard for other sites? If so what is likely to happen there? What sort of work will be done at the site? That makes quite a difference tio the resilience you need!

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Re: switch selection

it is part of a larger network. Yes we will use vlans and probably voice. 95% of our switches are cisco.a part of them is 3750 and 3650. but now as part of reenovation do you think that we might pass to a higher class. as part of better new network . we weill have threes sites. but on this site we will have the mos part of users.



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Re: switch selection

If your intended usage is edge switches, the 3750 series serve very well.

If your intended usage is distribtion or core, the decision is much more difficult. Much would depend on how "busy" such a distribtuion or core device might be and careful consideration of features. The original 4500 series is really a bit obsolete if you're doing lots of gig. The newer -E chassis and sup offer much more performance than the original 4500 chassis and sups. Of course, for increased performance, there's also the 3750-E series to consider too. The 3750-E often isn't needed for the edge, but for small distribution or core, it's a possible option.

Also keep in mind, stacks of 3750s provide basic redundancy (power can be an issue, even with RPS), with the 4500, you'll need a "R" chassis and second sup.

Personally, if you belive there's really need for a chassis, and sometimes there is, I would look more toward the 6500 series, for demanding implementations (such that require sup720 or better).

Without more details, unable to be more specific with recommendations.

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