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switch shutdown by another switch.

I have a 3750g-48 switch with static IP and 12.2.35 se2 ipservicek9 ios working fine. By mistake I connected another 3750g with the same IP address but with 12.2.44 se2 ios. they both have the same vlan. I shutdown the vlan on the new switch and the old switch went down. My question is that did the old one go down because I shutdown the vlan or because of IP address conflict?


Re: switch shutdown by another switch.


It is difficult to know the exact reason as this is not an expected behaviour. You have probably hit a bug in the device image and the trigger for the reset could be any of the combinations. A ip address conflict should definitely not bring down a device. Neither should shutting down a vlan on 1 switch affect the other.



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Re: switch shutdown by another switch.

Hi Niranjan,

Thank you for the july 9 response. Today, I updated cisco 3750-24 firmware to c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-44.SE2 after configuring the ip and the vlan X. I then disconnected the switch and using the console port, changed the IP number,set the vlan to a different vlan X2. I then shut the old vlan X and removed from the configuration, by "no vlan X. I then took the switch and connected to the new vlan X2, but as soon has it came up, the switch controling the old vlan X was shutdown. That switch was then restarted and the "no shut" was issued on that vlan X. Is there a known bug that could be causing this?

Your help will be appreciated.

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