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switch to tftp transfer


I am trying to copy startup config from access switch to mu pc where i installed tftpd

I have attached the network diagram....

When I copy startup from core switch to my pc, i am able to do it

but, when i try to copy the same from access switch to my pc, i cant

Pls help me on this. Let me know if u neeed any additional info                  

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New Member

switch to tftp transfer

is there a default gatway ( on the access switch?

New Member

switch to tftp transfer

default gateway is on access switch

Cisco Employee

switch to tftp transfer

Hi Vishal,

What error are you getting when you are copying image to your PC?

Do you see the tftp sever on Pc  showing any kind of error?

Also verify that you have connectivity from PC to switch (end to end ping).



New Member

switch to tftp transfer

there is no reachabilty betwn access switch and pc but i can ping pc from core switch

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Re: switch to tftp transfer

What are the vlan interface and its ip addresses at your core switch? You need to enaure there's reachability between the pc and the access sw before you can successfully establish tftp transfer. Lastly, check your pc's firewall, it may block incoming connection from different subnets.

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New Member

switch to tftp transfer

thanks guys...

I sorted out the issue.  i put my pc into vlan 110 and gave IP and gateway as

thanks for the help

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