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Switch trunked to Switch to Router

Hello Again!


Test Enviroment! Please dont laugh at 3550 use!

Current: 3550 trunked to a ATT MPLS router. 3550 is acting as a core switch. The GW on the switch is the router interface

-I connected a 6509 switch (needed gig ports) via trunk to the 3550

-Problem: Cannot ping GW ( from 6509. Can ping 3550

-Question: should the GW on the 6509 be the router or the 3550?

-How i made it work: I made a mgt vlan 999 on 6509, ip able to ping GW.

-Question: Did I need to do this? Could I have made this work w/o adding a mgt vlan 999?


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Switch trunked to Switch to Router

Anthony, there's a few ways to do this but I'm a little confused on the scenario so here are my questions:

- Am I correct in stating there are three devices in this mix?  A 6509, 3550, and MPLS router?

- Where does reside?  6509, 3550, or MPLS router?  It looks like the 3550 but want to make sure.

- Are you looking to create a "router on a stick" type scenario with the 6500 and 3550 where the 6500 will contain multiple VLANs and the 3550 will route them or will the 6500 be routing as well (I presume the first)?

- Is the end result to get data flowing through the MPLS router or are you just looking to get connectivity from the 6500 to the 3550?

- Is this a good outline of what you're looking at doing:

     6509 SWITCH -----trunk----- 3550 L3 SWITCH ---- routed connection ----- MPLS SWITCH

Sorry for the questions, but this will help me understand the problem that needs solving.

Thanks Anthony!

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