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Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts

We have a 4510 (WS-C4510R+E, with WSX45SUP7-E) with redundant supervisors and dual 6000W power supplies (PWR-C45-6000ACV) currently running at 110 volts. We are installing four Nema L6-20 receptacles to be able to have full PoE and redundancy across our power supplies.

Will it be possible to cut over from 110 to 208volts while the switch is running, by unplugging the old cords and plugging in the new cords, one by one?

Or, will we have to shut down the switch entirely, plug all new power cables in, and then power the switch back up?



Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts

As the 4500 power supplies are hot-swapable, you can just power down one supply, swap power source and re-energize.  Await green leds and do the other supply.  I have done just this on a few occasions.  Everything on 208 now.

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Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts

Thanks Dave. Since each power supply has two 3000VA inputs, can I do each input 1 by 1, or would you recommend shutting both inputs to one power supply, cut that entire power supply over and wait til green?

Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts

I would do one supply, both inputs together.  If I recall correctly, the supplies can run on a split voltage (at reduced power levels) but its just as easy to plug into A and B feeds.  don't they draw 18 Amps plus on 110, which by NEC rules required 2 ports. 


Re: Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts


The 6000 W AC-input power supply should not be used in mixed-voltage configurations. All the inputs in a chassis must be at the same voltage (110 VAC or 220 VAC). That said you will need to have both power supplies at the voltage at the same time, beacuse the two power supplies must have identical inputs and all inputs must be at the same voltage. If the input voltages are mismatched one of the power supplies will go into error-disable state.

Hope this helps.

Re: Switching 4510 from 110 to 208 volts

Humm,  it does say 110/110 or 220/220 so I wouldn't mix it up on a production box.  I have seen a doc suggesting split inputs on a duplex (2 in 1) power module. 

In any case it would be hard to find 110 in any of my racks, and John should already have the mission complete.  It's not quite like bouncing an RPS and wondering if the switch will reboot.

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