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Switchs for redundancy

Hello Folks!!,

This weekend, we have had problems with one of us CPD's switch. The power source failed. Now, we need to adquire a new switch, but we want redundancy on the CPD at least. The problem for this is that all Switch on my enterprise are of different vendors and it is unmanagement.

I wanna use STP with two switchs Cisco, but what could happen when I connect other switch to the Cisco's switchs where STP not is supported?.

Thanks in advance!!.

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Re: Switchs for redundancy

Hello Elias,

switches should support 802.1D legacy STP= mono instance STP running in vlan1.

Cisco switches support usually PVST+ be default, that is they have an STP instance for each vlan.

A cisco switch can detect an 802.1D compliant switch and will interact with it on vlan1.

if you put the cisco switches in the core of your network you should be fine.

Hope to help


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Re: Switchs for redundancy

Hi Giuseppe

Very Thanks by your quick reponse!!.

Then, I can use my old switch, provided this switch comply with 802.1D compliant. I suppose that cisco switches, one of them it will be the root of the STP. Because my old switchs are unmanagmente and I cannot configure the priority of root bridge.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Switchs for redundancy

if you configure all your switches with 802.1D then you should be fine.

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Re: Switchs for redundancy

Hi lavramov,

My others switchs are unmanagement, I can configure nothing.


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Re: Switchs for redundancy

By the other hand, what model of switch to recommend me?.

Thanks in advance.

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