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t1 - cisco 1720 router - dlink wireless dir-625


Trying to setup a wireless router behind the 1720 and am having problems.

Currently, we are able to get PCs working with static IP addresses. The 1720 goes to a 5 port switch, then to a 16 port switch (works fine).

When we put the dlink dir-625 in line, it does not allow users to ping past the wireless DLINK router.

The 1720's serial0 interface has the t1's ip address, the fastethernet0 interface was given

The DLink wants the WAN network's information, but can't take the ip that the ISP gave us for some reason. We have incremented the IP by one x.x.x.129 to x.x.x.130, and it accepts it, with a gateway of x.x.x.129 (the 1720's ip)

When I try to modify the WAN / incoming network settings, the device does not seem to like the settings I give it, and it tells me subnets and IPs are invalid.

My question is, is there a simple way to configure the fastethernet0 interface so that I can setup this DLINK, or another way to set the router so that the wireless router can get out and have functional dhcp?

This does appear to be a config issue on the 1720, but not sure where.

It was a functional solution a couple weeks ago, but the 1720 lost some settings, and now we have no wireless.

Thoughts? Can I get you more information?

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