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tagged and untagged port

how to configure tagged and untagged port in cisco 4500switch? GSM. (00 216) 93 124 999/ 22 741 725

Hello, Not sure what you mean



Not sure what you mean but remember that tags only flow over Trunk links,


Now if you want a specific subnet/vlan to be untagged then just make sure it's the native VLAN.


Makes sense?




Julio Carvajal
Senior Network Security and Core Specialist
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hello  ok thank you julio,



ok thank you julio,


but can you explain with an example of configurations


regards. GSM. (00 216) 93 124 999/ 22 741 725
Cisco Employee

Hi,I am not going to you use


I am not going to you use your diagram just explaining here:

Below explanation in layman term:


Access Port---Means untagged port. 

Int f0/1

Switchport mode access

Switchport access vlan 10 >> Which means the port is part of vlan 10 and its in untagged state.


Trunk Port--Means Tagged Port:

Int G0/1

Switchport mode trunk

Switchport trunk allowed vlan 10 >>> Which means that if the trunk is up and working fine the packet going out of this interface would have tag on it with vlan 10. Trunk port - frames will be sent with VLAN tag. If only one VLAN allowed, then only frames with allowed vlan tag will be sent


Switchport trunk allowed native vlan 20  >>> Which means that the packet though it is passing through the trunk port but still it would not be tagged.



Another way of explaining this would be:

A trunk allows pretagged packets to passthrough without changing the tag while an access port takes the packets it receives and retags them.


Ex.  To setup a trunk to allows all vlans(pretagged) traffic to flow to and from it


int fa0/0

switchport mode trunk <------ explicitly making this port a trunk rather than allowing it to "negotiate" its role (only command needed)


Ex.  To setup an access port and telling to tag the traffic as vlan 10


int f0/1

switchport mode access <----- explicitly making this an access port rather than allowing it to "negotiate" its role

switchport access vlan 10  <--------- tell this interface to tag any traffic entering the port as vlan 10



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