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Tagging/Untagging question...

Why on Cisco equipment (3550, 2950, etc) is there no tagging commands? Whereas at my new position we work with Cisco and Procurves and tagging is everywhere on Procurves.

Any explanation, however small, would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Tagging/Untagging question...

Tagging is accomplished on cisco boxes by configuring the "trunking" options . You can search on on how to configure trunking on 3550 and 2950 's .

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Re: Tagging/Untagging question...

Thank you. I have no problem with the Cisco gear, its transitioning over to the HP that the over concept of tagging/untagging ports (VLANs) that is puzzleing me.

Re: Tagging/Untagging question...

Hello Jimmy,

just to add to other folks, there is also a concept of native VLAN on cisco switches, which is used more like untagged data forwarding.... you can have one VLAN as native, which can be forwarded through the trunks, without any dot1q or isl trunking on it...

with respect to the keyword "tagging" with other switches, in Cisco, as others said, it is called "trunking".. two types of trunks - 802.1q and ISL (cisco prop)... so, if you are using non-cisco switches, better search for dot1q trunks to configure between the switches... There are lots of docs on CCO on this. Let us know if you need any more specific examples/help with respect to this.

Hope this helps.. all the best.. rate replies if found useful..


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Re: Tagging/Untagging question...


I think it's because of Cisco terminology that the confusion arise. As you know Cisco calls the ability to carry multiple vlan traffic across one physical link "trunking." To many other vendors this means something entirely different. eg trunking is often the ability to aggregrate individual links into one bigger link - etherchannel in the Cisco world.

Some vendors refer to tagging/untagging as the ability to carry multiple vlan traffic across one physical link, stemming from the concept of 802.1q tagging. So, as Glen said, Cisco don't have tagging commands as such becaue the "trunk" commands achieve the same thing.



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