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telnet connection refused

I have an issue with one of my remote switches where i am unable to telnet. My onsite engineer informs me there are no active vty sessions, I don't even get a username prompt before the window closes.  I have removed the ACL on the vty line so see no reason why i shouldn't be able to telnet in.

1. I can ping the device with both ip and dns
2. Apart from 2 devices on the same subnet I can telnet to all the other devices in the domain and on the same subnet.
4. The access device is directly connected to a layer 3 switch (it's gateway)
4. I'm ruling out a firewall issue as connections are allowed to other devices on that subnet there shouldn't be a problem.

The sh ver uptime on one of the devices is over 4 years I think the box needs a reboot.

My sh line also shows no vty connections, likewise my sh sessions, seems quite weird.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Re: telnet connection refused


what model is the switch?

We have similar issues with old 2900 XL and 3500 XL that may become unreachable at IP level in some remote sites

Hope to help


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Re: telnet connection refused

Thanks for a quick response, they're both 2950's


Re: telnet connection refused

Check the "line vty" section of the config.  Is "login" required but no "password" listed for telnet?  For example, this will work:

line vty 0 4


password ThisIsMyPassword

But if you do NOT have the "password" command in there, you will be prevented from logging in via Telnet  until after a password has been configured.

VTY lines require a password to be configured before user access is enabled.  Otherwise, the switch or router closes any incoming Telnet sessions immediately.

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Re: telnet connection refused

Resolved - I got a copy of the running config and found no exec on the vty lines 0 to 4

Thanks all

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