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telnet probleme


AS i am having datacenter switch (6500) from my local pc i cant telnet to switch

but from diffrent switch i can telnet the datacenter switch .

i can ping from my pc to that particular ip its pinging

and before to say that we are having complte layer 3 secnario

i am thinking that is there any looping issue.

but not when i try to telnet from my other employ pc telnet is working fine

have any person came to the issue

and plz note its not the access-list probleme


Re: telnet probleme

1) You have mentioned that the 'ping' from your PC to datacenter switch works, so there can't be any loops.

2) You are able to telnet the datacenter switch from a different switch and also from a different PC, so the issue could be with your PC.

Could you try pinging from your PC to a different device in same subnet as that of the datacenter switch. You can try with the 'tracert' command to find out where the packet gets dropped.

Also try to search in website with the error message you get while trying to telnet to the datacenter switch. This would get the appropriate solution.

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