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TFTP Server problem-please help!!!

Hi,based on your experience,which TFTP server works best,i have used 3cs & 3CDAEMON and it download/upload to a particular size then times out,kindly guide me to a TFTP server that can do 54MB and above-i really appreaciate,i have to upgrade a router and am hardly getting anywhere.

On another note,which IOS has support for IPX routing.

Thanks for any help.


Re: TFTP Server problem-please help!!!

Re: TFTP Server problem-please help!!!


Agree with Syed, most of the TFTP server softwares have problems with files larger than 32MB. Cisco recommended version 3.0 or later of Tftpd32 because it supports TFTP file transfers larger than 32 MB.

As for IPX routing support, kindly use Cisco Feature Navigator tool to find information about Cisco IOS software images and the supported features for your platform(s), i believe that you'll need atleast Enterprise base, or Enterprise services feature set:


Mohammed Mahmoud.

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Re: TFTP Server problem-please help!!!

I used this to program my cisco 7960 voip phone. A+ rating

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Re: TFTP Server problem-please help!!!


I agree with the previous posts that tftpd32 is a good choice for large files. I would also like to make the suggestion that as files get large that you should consider using FTP instead of TFTP. Not only does FTP not have a size limit but the performance of FTP is much better than the performance of TFTP, especially for large files.




Re: TFTP Server problem-please help!!!

both tftp and ftp are poor choice in term

of security. This is 2008 not 1998 where

security should be a high priority on everyone

list. Why not use scp? It is fast, easy

and most importantly, secure. Problem with

FTP is that it requires port 21 for command

and control and random high-ports for data,

thus make it not practical when you have

firewalls in between devices. With SCP, you

only have to deal with TCP port 22.

IOS versions 12.3 and higher support scp, why

not use it?

my 2c.

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