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Thoughs on interconnecting Nexus 3548 and 3750 switches


I have two nexus 3548 switches.

I have created port-group 1  on both switches to group eth1/47 with eth1/48.

I have 4 sfps, 2 per switch. to connect to a single 3750 that I want to group together as well.

So I have gi1/0/31 going to eth1/1 on nexus1 and gi1/0/32 going to eth1/2 on nexus1

I have gi1/0/33 goin to eth1/1 on nexus2 and gi1/0/32 goin to eth1/2 on nexus2

When I create the port group on the 3750 do I create one group with all 4 ports or will I have to create 2, one per nexus switch?





   You need to setup  a vpc 

   You need to setup  a vpc  for the switch.  You will use the same port-channel number and the same vpc number on both nexus boxes once setup .


To have VPC enabled you need

To have VPC enabled you need to do a couple of things firts:

• Enable the vPC feature.

• Create a vPC domain and enter vpc-domain mode.

• Configure the vPC peer keepalive link.

• (Optional) Configure system priority.

• (Optional) Configure vPC role priority.

• Create the vPC peer link.

• Move the PortChannel to vPC.

New Member

Thanks for the replies. I

Thanks for the replies. I finally got to test the hardware and config yesterday.
Just so I am clear. the vpc and peer to peer links are only for interconnecting the two Nexus switches. I think I got that right. sho VPC br seems to say it is up. I am using Po5
vPC domain id : 1
Peer status : peer adjacency formed ok
vPC keep-alive status : peer is alive
Configuration consistency status : success
Per-vlan consistency status : success
Type-2 consistency status : success
vPC role : secondary
Number of vPCs configured : 0
Peer Gateway : Disabled
Dual-active excluded VLANs : -
Graceful Consistency Check : Enabled
Auto-recovery status : Disabled
vPC Peer-link status
id Port Status Active vlans
-- ---- ------ --------------------------------------------------
1 Po5 up 1
Next do I create a port channel on Nex1 and Nex2 for the two ports that connect to the 3750 (Po6 for example) or do I add the two links to the 3750s to Po5 ? I thought I add them to Po 5 but since I am mixing 1000 and 10G ports it doesnt seem to like it.



  If using a vpc all ports in

  If using a vpc all ports in a port channel must be the same speed .

New Member

Thanks. Spoke with someone at

Thanks. Spoke with someone at Nutanix who was able to (I think) get this working somewhat.

Int eth 47/48 are channel-group 5 on both switches

Int eth 1/2 are channel group 6 on both switches

Po 5 is in vpc 6 and Po6 in in vpc 6

Gi1/0/33-36 on the 3750 is Channel group 6 on the 3750 (33/34 go to Nex1 and 35/36 to Nex 2)


Stll cant get to nodes on the Nexus but all the trunks are up so That might be ok

New Member

In 3750 you need to create

In 3750 you need to create one group will all 4 ports in it. On the Nexus end you need to configure vPC which will pair both Nexus as a unique layer2 logical node.



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