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Time transition for Giga Ethernet and Mux


we are inter connecting 2 sites using ADVA MUX. One of the benefits of ADVA Solution is to have an automatic mecanism to switch from one way to another in less than 50 ms.

In the pdf file you can see our configuration.

We made the test where we broke the blue way on ADVA_MUX1_01. In that test, we saw that we have a new SPT recalculation.

I hoped that 50 ms would be small enough and that the Giga interface on G_CSW_01 and T_CSW_01 would not be sensitive to the switch to green way.

Question : What is the max. time to avoid this pb ? Is it possible or do i need to add a new interface in my Po2 pointing to ADVA_MUX2_01 and ADVA_MUX_1_02 to avoid this pb ?


Re: Time transition for Giga Ethernet and Mux

spanning tree can cause delays in service for end stations by placing a port in blocking mode until SPT ensures that forwarding data from this port will not create loops. To prevent this delay in service, and so have faster convergence, spanning-tree operations must be manipulated for those ports that have connected end stations. The set spantree portfast enable command allows spanning tree to skip the initial delay and forward data immediately

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Re: Time transition for Giga Ethernet and Mux

Thanks for your response but not exactly my question. I would like to know what is the max time accepted for an Ethernet interface before it detects a failure link

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