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New Member

Token ring network

hello team,

Is it possible to implement a token ring network by using the Cisco 4506 switch with sup v module? The IOS is IP base S45IPBK9-12237SG. It also has fiber module WS-X4248-FE-SFP in which five rings of fibers will be connected. These fiber rings include non Cisco industrial switches connected in a ring topology.

I would like to know if the Cisco 4506 can be prioritized only to send token in the ring and all other switches will be in listening mode and only transmits once they receive the token.



Re: Token ring network

Not that I know of , token ring support is pretty much non existent in current products . It is essentially a dead technology , I know some will still have some isolated installs of this . We still have one cisco 3920 switch installed for this , if it ever dies we will be SOL as we have no replacement for it .

New Member

Re: Token ring network

Thanks for your response -

Would you please recommend a topology for the scenario?

60 switches connected to a visual guiding display unit which spans around 10 kl. Fiber to be laid out from all these switches. Each switch is mounted on a single pole and are needed to be connected to the control station/core switch were the management station attached. The distance between each pole is 100 m.

I thought about ring topology since the data to be transmitted will be less that 300 kb.

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