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Tools for QoS

Hi Guys,

I'm searching for some tools to help me analyse QoS.

1) A tool that generate trafic with specifics options like a voice trafic ?

2) A tool to do some statistics.

PC-A -------- Switch1 ---------- Switch2 ---------- PC-B

Three differents traffics are injected in switch1 and goes out on switch2.

Is there a tool that give statistics on the percentage of a traffic that reached out the exit compared to other traffics ?



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Re: Tools for QoS


I have usually used a Spirent traffic generator to perform these type of simulations (Its a hardware box & a very expensive box). One software tool i remember is Ostinato which can simulate voice + other traffic patterns as well (installable on windows). Even you can use IP SLA built-in feature set to generate voice traffic. Apart from this, Microsoft have come up with a QoS traffic generator. Below is a link you can go through 

One more tool which i would highly recommend would be D-ITG (Distributed Internet Traffic Generator). This tool can simulate voice as well. Link to check would be

I'm not sure of reporting features with any of the above tools, you may need to check. Probably, you can use solarwinds to extract the data using SNMP for reporting



Tools for QoS


See below a link outlining the tools used by Cisco TAC engineers for traffic generation, for example Netcat

For QoS stats I would use Netflow. See below some free tools for graphing Netflow stats.


Tools for QoS

Cacti is an open source tool that helps to analyze QoS traffic

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Tools for QoS

Thanks guys,

A little update :

Tools for stats : ntop => a great tool but not enough details for my use.

Tools for traffic : iperf => easy to use

For netflow, as I use cisco 2960, it's not possible, unless if a tool capable of doing the same thing exist.

Do you know some ? lol

(actually I found some tool on the net, fprobe who generate netflow frame and nfdump who collect and analyse the frame. But the results I have are not the results that I expected, if you have some infos on this tool)

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