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Traffic flowing through Cat6500

Is there any CLI command by which I can monitor/view the traffic flowing through Cat6500.

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Re: Traffic flowing through Cat6500

The switch commands will provide you mini rmon statistics.

For example... packet counts, utilization, broadcasts, multicast packets, etc.

If you want to dig deeper to decipher what those packets are you would need to enable netflow on the specific interfaces you are interested in and then export those flows to a 3rd party software or hardware device. Additionally you can create a monitor session, where you copy all data ingress and egress from one port to another port. The other port would have a packet capturing device or some other 3rd party software that will inform you the entire layer 7 information you are looking for.

You can pretty much only get layer 2 and 3 stats from CLI commands.

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Re: Traffic flowing through Cat6500

'debug ip packet detail' is heavy. But in test environment shouldn't it give those details.

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Re: Traffic flowing through Cat6500

I have tried debug ip packet detail. It does show layer2/layer3 information.

Would you know of any command to show sender/destination ip/mac addresses. Just to know the flow of traffic. I am interested in layer2/layer3 information only.

With logging buffered enabled only, could 'debug ip packet detail' bring down the switch in Production environment.


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Re: Traffic flowing through Cat6500

Hi Lite,

Since logging buffer is enabled Debug ip packet detail is risky if you run it for more than 5 to 10 sec which also depend on the amount of buffer you have allocated.

You could enable ip accounting for L3.

If you are looking for deeper info the best solution is to go fo netflow or monitor session.



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