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Traffic not passing next hop address

For some reason traffic has stopped passing across gi0/2 WAN interface to the next hop of, Occasionally i can ping the address but its very intermitent (config attched)

All of the vlans using the WAN link on gi0/2 can no longer get internet access.  No changes have been made and the router/WAN links have been working for over a month.               

I was just wondering if its something to do with NAT?? If anyone could help

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Re: Traffic not passing next hop address

Hi Andy,

ip route

ip route 2

you are giving a bigger administrative distance to the second route... if you want to use them together you need to write this down :

ip route

ip route

The NAT looks fine to me. You miss some statement on some interfaces like

interface GigabitEthernet0/0.119

encapsulation dot1Q 119

ip address

but i don't believe tihs is the issue.

check your routing table and you will better understand what is going on.


Extremely important: change all the passwords as soon as you can and remove them from the example!!!!!!!!

I will erase this file from my PC !!!

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